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In this way, every April, we are called to a new recommitment for a world where every person has the right to live without violence and fear.

In our journey towards healing and justice, it’s crucial to remember that sexual assault affects individuals from all walks of life - regardless of age, gender, race, or background. It’s a stark reminder of the challenges we face but also a call to action for each of us to play a part in creating safer environments for everyone.

This month, find a way to help survivors, educate others, and advocate for changes that will save the vulnerable. That could mean going to a workshop, talking to your friends and family, or wearing a ribbon on your lapel. What you do can make a difference and give hope.

While the Alliance works throughout every month of the year to provide resources, support, and educational efforts, April offers another appropriate time to really highlight those efforts.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to this cause. Together, we can make a difference.

Warmest regards,

Katie Boller Gosewisch

Executive Director, AEHT


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Monthly Member Reflection


April, 2024 Monthly Reflection

What We Can Learn from Child Abuse Prevention Month

By Laura Krausa

April is a sacred month to me. It is a time when I, like many of us, wait with great anticipation, ready to see the signs of a natural world on the verge of blossoming. And it is also time to reflect on the privilege many of us enjoy in simply being aware and present to this renewal and the promise of rebirth that spring ushers in.

This awareness is indeed a privilege. Because it is a gift that can only be appreciated if one has the time, space and safety to realize its glory. Sadly, for those experiencing violence and exploitation, access to this free, God-given gift can be unobtainable—certainly unenjoyable in the face of the fear and suffering associated with violence.

April is also Child Abuse Prevention Month. It is a month to remember that those most vulnerable among us—our children—are far too often prey to abuse and neglect that has dire consequences in their lives, both in the short- and long-term. What so many of us take for granted in the daily joys of life are stripped from those who have no ability to choose what their life will actually be. Persons victimized by human trafficking are no different. Those who experience this type of violence are robbed of their autonomy, leaving them prey to the trafficker and to a reality that does not afford choices, much less access to life’s simple pleasures.

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Stop Trafficking Newsletter

Understanding the Impact of Human Trafficking and Child Labor on the Global Fish Industry

Being disconnected from where our food comes from can leave us unaware of how human trafficking and child and forced labor are part of providing what is on our plate. This is especially true when it comes to the fish we eat.

In the United States, where over 90 percent of the fish is imported, we tout twice as much fish as we did 50 years ago. At the same time, seafood stocks are being overfished globally, and it is estimated that the seafood population may be completely depleted by 2048. Fishing rights must trade together and fish longer, intensifying illegal activity to continue making money. The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that 12,800 fishers are trapped in child or forced labor aboard fishing vessels worldwide, often far from shore.

Forced labor in fisheries is driven by the motivation to reduce costs and diminishing profits as the industry tries to meet the worldwide demand for seafood.

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The Alliance to End Human Trafficking Participates in the 2024 NCEA Conference in Pittsburgh

The Alliance to End Human Trafficking recently attended the 2024 NCEA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, from April 2-4, where we had the opportunity to spread awareness about the critical issues surrounding human trafficking. Our representatives were dedicated to sharing valuable insights on education and prevention strategies with educators, professionals, and activists alike.

We are grateful for the engaging discussions and the shared commitment to making a difference that was evident throughout the conference.


Catholic religious sisters work to stop human trafficking

The organization’s executive director, Katie Boller Gosewisch, said that the link between the two is clear, and therefore they believe policy from the United States government is crucial. In particular, the organization is advocating for Congress to pass the Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act of 2023.


Panel discusses sisters' efforts to eliminate human trafficking worldwid

Once traffickers purchase the children, however, they resell them into prostitution, cheap labor and for organ removal, she said. 

Families who can't afford a dowry for their daughters are also lured by traffickers promising to find a suitable groom with no need for dowry, she added. They even pay parents thousands of rupees.




Prayer for Seeking Healing and Strength for Survivors

Dear Lord,

In this month dedicated to awareness of sexual assault, we pray for healing for all affected. Grant them strength, comfort, and hope. Help us to support survivors, educate our communities, and prevent violence. Guide us to act with compassion and seek justice. Bless our efforts to make a safer world for everyone.




Human Trafficking: Reducing Demand

Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons, is a modern day form of slavery. It is a crime under state, federal and international law. It is currently the second-largest type of criminal activity.

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"Love one another, for that is the whole law; so our fellow men deserve to be loved and encouraged – never to be abandoned to wander alone in poverty and darkness."

–Conrad N. Hilton

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